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Concierge Medical Inc.


We at Concierge Medical believe that what is missing from healthcare is customer service.

We know that your time is valuable and that our patients have busy lives outside of our office.
"I got a severe case of the flu in February of this year, but didn't know what it was. I called Concierge Medical and I talked to the medical provider about my symptoms over the phone. After a short conversation with the provider, he had diagnosed what I had, and literally within the hour I had medication which reduced the severity of the illness and it's duration. I feel very fortunate to have a relationship with Concierge Medical. The relationship with Concierge Medical made it possible for me to be treated as quickly and correctly as I was. I will continue my relationship with Concierge Medical for my general health needs."

​-M. Preslik, Teacher, Exeter
"Concierge Medical saves my office time and money. For a small annual fee, my Legal Assistant and family no longer waste billable hours in waiting rooms. Our health concerns are addressed in our office with the same outstanding personal attention and professional care we give our law clients. No more waiting weeks for an appointment. And when we travel, it's comforting to know that trusted, on-call care is as close as our phones. We couldn't be happier with our choice. As far as we are concerned, Concierge Medical represents the future of Healthcare."

-M. Ledford, Attorney, Visalia
- Waiting days or weeks to get an appointment  
- Long hours in the waiting room to receive medical 
Packing up the entire family to have one child 
- Taking a day off work to take a loved one to the 
   doctor, and waiting five hours only to be seen for 
   five minutes by the medical provider.

- House Calls
- Virtual Visits
  • Telemedicine 
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
Corporate & Family Plans Available​
"As a single mom with active kids both time and money are in short supply. Taking days off work to sit in a doctor’s office with kids was miserable. It was also miserable to agonize over whether or not your child should go to the emergency room if they happened to hurt themselves after office hours. Unfortunately illness or injury doesn’t occur on a Monday through Friday 9‐5 schedule.
Since we have been under Concierge Medical’s care, the long waits are over. It has been wonderful to be just a phone call away from medical treatment no matter what time or what day it is. It is also great to have someone focused on you as a patient and not worry about keeping to their 10 minute per patient time frame. 
Concierge Medical with Jaime Salvatierra as our provider has been great. It is the way patients should be treated; quickly, courteously, and with care."

​-K. Collins, Teacher, Visalia